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Mistakes happen – one in three people get arrested. Record Fixer aims to turn the tide, empowering people to escape being defined by their pasts.

Record Fixer is a great solution if you’ve ever been:

  • Charged with a lesser crime than you were arrested for

  • Plead guilty to a crime and had it expunged
  • Anyone who wants to ensure that their record is accurate.

  • Arrested, with no charges ever filed

  • Charged with a crime, but case dismissed.

  • Charged with a crime but given a program that dismissed the case

  • We help people who help themselves – For those who have taken the time and effort to pay their debt to society and get convictions expunged, we help you make sure your record reflects that – everywhere.
  • We get you in touch – The key to RecordFixer is research. We’ve mapped out the tangled web of stakeholders in the public record industry, and use all that information to free you.
  • We’ve got their number and we speak their language, so they know we mean business.

How it works:

Criminal Record Privacy Compliance

Engineering the future of Privacy.

RecordFixer is a fully automated system that communicates directly with the nation’s largest and most prevalent aggregators, furnishers, and extractors – organizations that collect and store criminal history information, and distribute to those seeking background checks.

Our system compiles your official record into a format that criminal database agencies understand and provides the parameters needed to delete, remove, or hide your case(s).

After you or your attorney registers your account, you may upload your arrest, charges, or conviction history so that your status is accurate (For Example: Arrests that were never charged, criminal charges that were dismissed or diverted, and official court expungements/expunctions).

This is done by authorizing us to submit your case or cases to our own database of record vendors.  Everything is done through our nifty portal that tracks all record removal submissions and allows agencies to communicate back to you so that you can sleep easier.  

Whether you or your attorney registers your account, you will begin receiving automatic updates from the largest and most prolific criminal record storehouses in the nation giving you official status of your removal demands.  

Some will state that your “record has been removed” while others will report back that they had nothing stored in their particular database.  

Although you will not hear from some agencies, others will not provide you with status or updates.  But don’t be alarmed.  There are dozens of public record collectors that know how to comply and trust our system to be up-to-date.  So there is a lot going on in the background you won’t see.  

Record SOS

Have an emergency related to your record? If you’ve been denied work or housing because of a background check on any public record, reach out to us with Record SOS, our free public service. There are no fees or obligations. We simply help you by letting you know your options, help try to fix the problem, or point you to legal help if you need it.

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