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Record Fixer is a fully automated system that communicates directly with the nation’s largest and most prevalent aggregators, furnishers, and extractors - organizations that make a living collecting arrest information, and selling it to third parties.

Is it for me?

  • Mistakes happen – one in three people get arrested. Record Fixer aims to turn the tide, empowering people to escape being defined by their pasts.
  • Record Fixer is a great solution if you’ve ever been:
    • Arrested, with no charges filed
    • Charged with a crime, but had the charges dropped
    • Charged with a crime but given a program that dismissed the case
    • Charged with a lesser crime than you were arrested for
    • Plead guilty to a crime and had it expunged
    • Anyone who wants to ensure that their record is accurate.
  • We help people who help themselves – For those who have taken the time and effort to pay their debt to society and get convictions expunged, we help you make sure your record reflects that – everywhere.
  • We get you in touch – The key to Record Fixer is research. We’ve mapped out the tangled web of stakeholders in the public record industry, and use all that information to free you.
  • We’ve got their number and we speak their language, so they know we mean business.


Simply upload the documentation associated with the criminal activity you’re hoping to remove
and pay a one-time only fee of $99.

We then unleash our automated legal compliance tool to connect directly to these complex networks that compile, store and distribute criminal information in background checks.
Using a field-tested and proven method that combines the law and our technology, your demand for privacy is heard

Now sit back and watch the emails roll in. Most will reply within 24 hours to confirm your record has been fixed.

Record SOS

Have an emergency related to your record? If you’ve been denied work or housing because of a background check on any public record, reach out to us with Record SOS, our free public service. There are no fees or obligations. We simply help you by letting you know your options, and point you toward legal help if you need it.