What is Teradata and what is it usually used for? 

Teradata is a relational database management system (RDBMS) that is widely used for data warehousing applications. It is known for its scalability, performance, and reliability. 

What makes Teradata unique when compared to traditional RDBMS or BIDW platforms? 

Teradata’s massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture is designed to scale linearly, providing excellent performance and scalability for data warehousing applications. Teradata’s column-oriented data storage approach is also optimized for data warehousing workloads, providing better compression and query performance than traditional row-oriented storage. Thus, the Teradata platform is purpose-built for data warehousing and offers better performance, scalability, and reliability than general-purpose RDBMS or BIDW platforms. 

What are the industries that typically use Teradata? 

Industries that typically use Teradata for data warehousing applications include retail, telecommunications, financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing. Based on its architecture, Teradata can also be applied to managing vast amounts of criminal history information data. 

Teradata is one of the more traditional RDBMS and has enjoyed a long history. 

Teradata was founded in 1979 and was originally a joint venture between NCR Corporation and AT&T. In 2007, Teradata was spun-off from NCR as an independent company.

How to Delete Records From a Database in Teradata

1. Connect to the Teradata database.

2. Enter the following command to delete a single record:

DELETE FROM table_name WHERE column_name = value;

3. Enter the following command to delete all records from a table:

DELETE FROM table_name;
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