What is Neo4j and what are its uses? 

Neo4j is a graph database that uses nodes and edges to store data. It is often used for applications that require a high degree of data connectivity, such as social networking applications. Neo4j was originally developed by Neo Technology, Inc., but was later acquired by graph database company, Neo4j, Inc. in 2015. 

What makes Neo4j unique compared to other RDBMS and BIDW platforms? 

Neo4j is a highly scalable, native graph database that offers a rich set of features such as a powerful query language, ACID transactions, and built-in clustering. Neo4j is also easy to use, which makes it a good choice for applications that require a high degree of data connectivity. 

Some of the industries that prefer Neo4j include social networking, fraud detection, and recommenders. In fact, Neo4j has been used by law enforcement agencies to help detect and investigate crime–making its use very versatile. 

According to some uses, one potential pitfall with Neo4j is that it is not as widely adopted as some of the other graph databases, such as Apache TinkerPop. However, Neo4j is still a powerful tool that offers a rich set of features.

How does one go about deleting a record from a database managed by Neo4j?

To delete records from a database in Neo4j, use the delete keyword followed by the name of the database and the name of the node or relationship you want to delete. 

For example, to delete the node with the ID “1” from the database “people”, you would use the following command:

delete people 1
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