What is Grafana and what is it used for? 

Grafana is a tool for data visualization, monitoring, and analysis. It can be used to track and monitor various metrics, such as application performance, system resource utilization, and network traffic. Grafana also provides a number of features for working with data sources, such as support for various data formats and query languages.

Grafana is a data visualization tool, whereas traditional RDBMS platforms are typically used for data storage, analysis, and management. Grafana is designed to work with a variety of data sources, including relational databases. However, it is not limited to working with relational data and can also work with other data formats, such as NoSQL data. 

Grafana is commonly used in the DevOps and IT operations space for monitoring and troubleshooting purposes. It is also popular in the network monitoring and security space.

In terms of troubleshooting issues, Grafana can be used in areas such as application performance problems, system resource utilization issues, and network traffic issues. Grafana can also be used to monitor and analyze log files. 

Can Grafana be used for criminal history information purposes, such as for collection, storage, analysis, and management? 

Grafana is not typically used for criminal history information purposes. However, it could potentially be used for these purposes if the data is made available in a compatible format and Grafana is configured to work with the data source. 

How to Delete Records From a Database in Grafana

To delete a record from a database in Grafana, click the wrench icon next to the database you want to delete records from and select “Delete Record.”

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