What is YugabyteDB and how does it function like a database?

YugabyteDB is a highperformance, distributed SQL database built on a scalable and faulttolerant design. It is based on a sharednothing architecture and uses a sophisticated technique called sharding to scale out. YugabyteDB is able to function like a database because it can run SQL queries on large datasets in parallel. This allows it to scale linearly while maintaining high performance.
YugabyteDB was founded in 2016 by Karthik Ranganathan and Mikhail Bautin, two engineers who were previously at Google. They were inspired by Google Spanner, a global distributed database that was designed for high performance and availability. However, they saw that Spanner was not open source and decided to create their own version that was. YugabyteDB is written in C++ and is available under the Apache 2.0 license.

What kinds of industries are known for using YugabyteDB?

YugabyteDB is used by a variety of industries for its high performance and scalability. These include companies in the ecommerce, gaming, financial services, and healthcare sectors.
Can YugabyteDB manage criminal information database systems? This questions depends on the specific requirements of the criminal information database system. However, YugabyteDB‘s capabilities make it a strong candidate for managing such a system.

If needed, how does one remove a record from a database running on YugabyteDB?

Records can be removed from a YugabyteDB database using the DELETE SQL command. Thus, the following command will remove a record from a YugabyteDB database:
DELETE FROM table_name WHERE condition;
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