What is Orient DB and how is it used? 

OrientDB is a NoSQL database management system that is used for storing and managing databases. It is a multi-model database that supports document, graph, key-value, and object-oriented databases. 

There are a few key features that make OrientDB stand out: 

1. OrientDB is a multi-model database, which means it can support multiple types of data models. This makes it more flexible and scalable than traditional relational databases. 

2. OrientDB uses a unique indexing algorithm that makes it faster and more efficient than other databases. 

3. OrientDB supports ACID transactions, which means it can ensure data consistency and integrity. 

4. OrientDB is open source and has a large and active community. 

The industries that rely on OrientDB are vast, however there are some that have a particular liking to their architecture. OrientDB is used in a variety of industries, including e-commerce, social networking, and gaming. 

OrientDB was founded in 2010 by Luca Garulli. The company is headquartered in Italy with a team of developers located around the world. OrientDB is an open source project that is backed by Orient Technologies, a software company that provides support and services for the database. OrientDB was created to be a more scalable and flexible alternative to traditional relational databases. The database is designed to work with modern applications that need to store and manage large amounts of data. 

How to Delete Records From a Database in Orient DB using the delete() function

To delete a record from a database in Orient DB, use the delete() function.

The syntax for the delete() function is as follows:


For example, to delete all records from the “Person” class where the “name” field is equal to “John”, the following SQL would be used:

DELETE FROM Person WHERE name = "John"
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