Not only is Record Fixer completely legal, it helps to enforce the laws that are in place to protect our rights and liberties. Within the public record industry, many methods of information gathering violate data integrity and privacy compliance laws. Record Fixer aims to change this culture of lax regulation. Countless good people put a lot of effort into getting their arrests and criminal charges off their record, only to find that the information is still out there on the tangled web of the internet. We want to make sure that if you want to fix your reputation, you aren’t held back by nasty surprises.

Yes, and here’s why: private record databases are well aware of the compliance laws that govern their business–but it helps to deal with someone that knows how their technology works too. The problem is in the lack of enforcement and overall data architecture governing many systems.  That’s where we come in.

Our founder, Bart Kaspero, teaches other lawyers about criminal record privacy laws and is experienced in designing database models and data warehouse systems.

By using a tool like RecordFixer, you are harnessing a battle-tested digital weapon that knows how records should be removed, deleted, or hidden from sight.  Responsible and sophisticated companies appreciate working with us because we have tailored our service to use the law and automation correctly.  

It makes good sense to respect privacy laws and the ways they are intended to function.  It makes better sense to integrate compliance procedures with our proven methodology.  

RecordFixer maintains its services with a one-time fee of $99. After this once-only payment, you will have access to our platform technology to connect directly with the largest and most prolific data collection and reporting agencies, big and small, to set your record straight.

You will likely hear back from them within hours to weeks, confirming that your record is now corrected, once and for all.

Record Fixer also offers a free public service for when a criminal record is used against you. Click here to learn more about Record SOS.

In most states, you can petition to have a conviction, particularly misdemeanors, “expunged,” or reversed from your criminal record. This allows the individual to say they no longer have a “conviction” on their record – but as already explained, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the information can’t be found in private databases. This is one of the reasons Record Fixer was created.

This is your best shot. Having that said, the current system of data collection and public and private records is so chaotic that nobody can guarantee that your record will not be discovered.

This is why we have created Record SOS to prepare for these worst-case-scenarios. Not only that, but by proactively engaging the biggest data companies out there, we can greatly reduce the likelihood that employers and renters will ever access those records.

In fact, one of the main goals of creating RecordFixer was to maintain an active digital lab where we use powerful tools to monitor and engage with the criminal record ecosystem.  We do this to grow our own proprietary knowledge-base and to keep a watchful eye on the data collection industry so we can continually improve our services, and revolutionize the culture and regulatory environment surrounding these public records.

Together, we can work to ensure that ours is a culture of justice, not exploitation.

Short answer, Yes. Our team has a solid understanding of the various and complicated legal standards that individual states have with public record retention. As such, RecordFixer will work across the United States under Federal standards and most state standards. Be aware however, that not all states are identical when it comes to this issue.  Some states are more protective of your criminal record history information.  Having that said, its best to reach out to us before you proceed.

This is a simple term for a complicated, loosely regulated group of private companies who are solely in the business of furnishing, collecting, and selling data to those who request it, primarily employers and other third parties who rely on their information for background checks.

Many of these businesses do not serve the general public and operate within closed-loop data supply chains.  After several years of researching these complex networks, RecordFixer was built to operate in this very misunderstood environment and provide a solution.

If you take criminal record privacy as seriously as we do, then YES, absolutely.  Contact us any time for onboarding.  

We know that not all criminal history information systems are identical, so we want to make sure we configure our platform to work well with yours.  


Lawyers, privacy advocates, and database developers. We do not work for any criminal database company. Our founder has defended people accused of crimes in court for 17 years and teaches other lawyers about criminal record laws.

By understanding criminal database technology, he has developed his own unique methods of legally removing criminal records and maximizing your privacy.  

We are not posers.  This is the real deal.  

If Your Case Was Dismissed

Generally, clients (or their attorney) will usually have access to the proof that their criminal case was dismissed [for whatever reason]. This can be obtained at any court clerk’s window where the case was handled. Most courts call this a “minute order” of when the judge entered the official ruling that the case is dismissed. Some courts charge for an official copy.

If Your Case Was Expunged

Similarly, where your case was expunged, you may go to the court clerk’s office to obtain a copy of the official Order.

If You Were Arrested, but Never Charged

If you received a “detention only” release notice or still have the booking/citation you were given–and nothing happened in court, this will work.  

But not all arresting agencies or District Attorneys’ offices will have copies of paperwork for your own records. Therefore, it’s best to contact the District Attorney’s office to ask for a “Status Letter” or “Final Decision” memorandum that says your arrest did not lead to criminal charges being filed. [Do keep in mind that this is not always needed for Record Fixer to work, but it’s best to have it if you can get it.]

YES!  Register as an Attorney (instead of as an “individual”) and submit your information so we can get you started.  RecordFixer is a legal tool designed originally for lawyers, but still simple enough that anyone can flex their privacy.

We’re a solution – not part of the problem. We will never sell your data to a third party, and use industry standard security with your personal information.

Dismissals of criminal charges do not make them invisible if someone is motivated enough to find them. Depending on where you live and the nature of your situation, possibly dozens of private companies still have access to that information. Even if the law has forgotten about you long ago, these companies often keep old records, allowing employers, landlords, investigation agencies, and even individuals, access. Use Record Fixer to set the record straight and remove potentially erroneous records.

While this is a sensitive situation, the most important thing is to know you have rights. Click here for Record SOS.