It may be time for a new strategy…

Imagine you’re applying for a mortgage at the bank. You remember that last year you canceled a few credit cards, and that you had a payment go to collections. You know about the issues, but in the end, you think, “Oh well. Maybe nothing will show and I’ll be fine.”

Anything wrong with this picture?

The truth is that it’s become so easy to check your credit score, there aren’t many people who wouldn’t instinctively take a peek before applying for a big loan or mortgage. It’s so simple and free, why wouldn’t you take the opportunity to see if there’s a problem so you can address it beforehand? It’s second nature that just hoping without taking action is no way to fix a problem.

It’s too bad that, for most people with interactions with the law, the same logic holds. Too often, rather than taking steps to ensure that their background check comes up clean, they assume that all they can do is hope and pray. They tell themselves that that arrest or criminal charge was so long ago it’s probably gone by now. Still others comfort themselves with the fact that they were only arrested, but not charged, and those things probably don’t show up on a person’s record.

They don’t realize that they are gambling with their name, and that if their hopes are misplaced, they stand to throw away that much-needed job opportunity, that perfect apartment rental, or their very reputation.

Even those that do take steps to get their record clean are often disappointed to find employers, renters and basically anyone else with access to a search engine can find out unsavory information that they’ve taken great steps to get cleaned off.

Luckily, there’s a tool that can help you stay on top of your record, too. For those who prefer proactive preparation to hoping and praying, Record Fixer uses unrivalled understanding of the background check industry to finally give the tools actually fix the problem. If you’re looking to clean up your past once and for all, we’ve got the tools to get started, and the information and strategy to give you back your name.