We are happy to announce the new RecordFixer v. 2.0!  

With new third party privacy features as well as added distributor and gateways to the RecordFixer portal, our latest iteration helps make compliance easier to accomplish for the vast network of public record vendors that want to eliminate obsolete and inaccurate reporting.  

With the growing legislation of Clean Slate initiatives and ban-the-box laws, RecordFixer comes at a time when privacy compliance faces increased costs and complexity.

We want to thank the long list of database companies that have found our portal easy and effective to use within their existing compliance procedures—especially those who have worked with us from the beginning [like when we called ourselves EraseDatabase!]. 🙂  We are truly impressed with the adaptability and progressive steps taken by CRA’s, furnishers, aggregators, connectors, resellers, screeners, and brokers towards embracing our platform.  

About RecordFixer

For those who have recently been introduced to our App, RecordFixer is a privacy compliance tool that helps not just consumers but also agencies working within the public record supply chain to easily update their storehouses and datasets to avoid costly litigation from erroneous reporting.  Built by experienced criminal defense attorneys and dedicated data engineers, RecordFixer is the world’s first consumer-driven privacy technology.