Freedom means a lot of things to people, especially here in the states.  And for some reason it’s very difficult to define—yet everyone has an easy time explaining what it isn’t.  Freedom used to be associated with the power of the state in contrast with its citizens.  Today, it is being played out in the marketplace.
When reading the news about how other countries operate, a sense of pride comes over us when you see the US making great efforts to letting people play fair in the markets and how common consumers are affected.
Which is why on this 4thof July, RecordFixer wants to send a message of gratitude to an organization called  This is a coalition of responsible consumer reporting agencies that take privacy seriously and hold themselves to high standards of conduct when dealing with people’s personal information.
Screening companies play a vital role in our marketplace and will continue to evolve with the fast changing industries of our day.  And like tech companies that have found themselves in the public’s crosshairs, the information vendors who maintain integrity while competing will thrive and the consumers will remember the brands that care about quality.  This kind of work takes character.  And not every company puts a premium on making a conscious effort to innovate within ecosystems of very large datasets.  So our hats go off to the information engineers and compliance professionals who are committed to these challenges.
It can be tempting not to deliver to a market that wants access to everything.  But privacy will always be as it’s own commodity.  In the information market—that equates to value and trust.  And any network-based entrepreneur will tell you these are the new cornerstones of successful businesses.