RecordFixer 2.0

RecordFixer 2.0 [Official Release]

We are happy to announce the new RecordFixer v. 2.0!   With new third party privacy features as well as added distributor and gateways to the RecordFixer portal, our latest iteration helps make compliance easier to accomplish for the vast network of public record vendors that want to eliminate obsolete and inaccurate reporting.   With the growing […]

Yes, we know this is DC...but for a legislative piece the photo looks great!

The California Consumer Privacy Act

Hailed by many as one of the most toughest privacy laws in the nation, the California Consumer Privacy Act was passed in Sacramento with lightning speed.  If you weren’t looking out for it, you would have missed it entirely.   This is a very big victory of course for any advocates of data privacy.  Many […]


A Big Thank You to Concerned CRAs on this 4th of July

Freedom means a lot of things to people, especially here in the states.  And for some reason it’s very difficult to define—yet everyone has an easy time explaining what it isn’t.  Freedom used to be associated with the power of the state in contrast with its citizens.  Today, it is being played out in the […]

Research Journal

Kaspero’s Research Paper Published in Third Circulating Journal

We are happy to announce that Bart Kaspero, founder of RecordFixer and author of “Criminal Record Privacy & the Structural Risks Inherent within Commercial Storehouses in the Consumer Data Industry” has been published in a third research journal. The original work can be found here for those interested in learning more about the paper. This […]

Solving Privacy Issues —With Technology

There are a huge number of apps dedicated to background checks. Practically anyone with a little money and a desire to learn about someone can find out a wealth of personal information in just a few minutes. Most of the time this unavoidable situation doesn’t affect how people live. But there are times when the […]

Background Interview

Background Interview with the Founder

Meet the founder of RecordFixer to learn what motivated us to build the world’s first automated privacy tool for people with criminal records.  Despite fighting and winning so many cases in the courtroom, it became clear there was more work to do.

The Right to Personal Privacy in a Digital World

Personal Privacy is a universal human right, and this should apply for everyone regardless of past mistakes. At Record Fixer, we are really serious about personal privacy. Too often, individuals have to worry and struggle to ensure that their background checks are clear of This isn’t a criminal issue; it’s a privacy issue, and therefore […]

Hide Criminal Record

Hide Your Criminal Record…is it possible?

One of the most popular questions asked by those with prior arrests and criminal charges.  A brief explanation of what goes into this deceptively complex question and how to solve it.

Dismissed Case

Dismissed Cases–and why it’s not the end

The ultimate victory in a criminal court may give a false sense of security.  Far past that glorious day, criminal databases throughout the country still have the original charges.  The bad news?  The case can still haunt you for years.

Can you Hide a Criminal Record?

It’s a crucial question that millions of people across the country have to deal with. A criminal Record is not what you think First off, terms can sometimes get crossed when discussing how public information is stored. Perhaps our ideas are colored by things we’ve seen in movies and on TV—when we’re “Booked,” arrested, charged […]

Job Interview

Job Interview

What are the chances a past arrest or criminal charges will come up?  How do background checks work?  What to do when you are told that “something shows up” on your record?

Expunged Case

Expunged Case

Most states allow some form of expungement.  But is it worth anything if people can still find the criminal record?  A peak into why the criminal information industry needs privacy tools like RecordFixer.

Employer Background Checks: Asking the Right Questions

Your access to a quality job is your access to a better quality of life. That’s probably why so many people fear that their chances of getting hired for the job of their dreams may be jeopardized by past run-ins with the law. But just how big of a factor is the employer background check, […]

What Is A Criminal Record?

What Is A Criminal Record?

Everyone talks about it but who can actually explain it?  Learn about what is a real criminal record and find out just how many different types there are.  The answer will surprise you.

Simply Hoping That Run-in with the Law Won’t Show on your Background Check?

It may be time for a new strategy… Imagine you’re applying for a mortgage at the bank. You remember that last year you canceled a few credit cards, and that you had a payment go to collections. You know about the issues, but in the end, you think, “Oh well. Maybe nothing will show and […]