RecordFixer is an automated web application that removes criminal records from background check databases.

It was originally built in 2016, when Bart Kaspero (criminal defense and trial lawyer) was completing his final units for his certification in Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse (BI/DW) technology at the University of California Irvine.

It was designed specifically for his own clients to help remove all traces of their arrest and criminal charges after he learned his victories in court were not being reflected in his clients’ background checks reports. Two years later, the platform was opened to other attorneys as well as self-represented consumers.

During the initial stages of testing the RecordFixer portal, Kaspero authored his findings in a research paper on criminal record privacy.

The research explained the architectural flaws embedded in most database systems and showed how criminal record privacy violations would continue without a solution. See: Criminal Record Privacy & Structural Risks Inherent within Commercial Storehouses in the Consumer Data Industry. His paper was republished in three other law and technology research journals.

The Problem:

Every year, millions of people are arrested where they may never be formally charged in court. Yet, these arrests appear unnecessarily in background check reports, tenant screenings, and online searchable databases.

Similarly, for those facing their charges in court, many are granted programs resulting in case dismissal. And for those who plead guilty to most minor offenses—Courts grant “clearance” via expungement or conviction removal.

Despite these amazing options of criminal record relief – complex background check systems reveal these records and prevent people from putting their past behind them.

No matter how the record is cleared – the “databases” are not.

The Solution:

RecordFixer operates within the criminal record supply chain ecosystem—creating a compliance link for databases where none existed before. It is proactive: intended to prevent the informational injury caused by erroneous criminal record violations before the damage is done.

  • The fast and straightforward interface structures (i)criminal case information and (ii) consumer data efficiently, so that database admins can act upon RecordFixer’s privacy demands quickly and with minimal interference to their businesses.
  • Built by experienced attorneys, legal researchers, data engineers, and security professionals, the RecordFixer portal is the first ever automated criminal record privacy tool developed for consumers looking for real results.

The Problem

The public data collection industry is bigger and more complex than you can image – a massive web of individual databases that make money off your record.

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The Service

We help people who help themselves – For those who have taken the time and effort to pay their debt to society and get convictions expunged, we help you make sure your record reflects that – everywhere.

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