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Most criminal record database companies that privately collect data do so with little to no regulatory oversight. Many systems are not equipped for today’s fast-paced justice system updates..leaving arrests, charges, and convictions to get in the way of your life even after the case is dismissed.

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The Problem

The public data collection industry is bigger and more complex than you can image – a massive web of individual databases that make money off your record.

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The Service

We help people who help themselves – For those who have taken the time and effort to pay their debt to society and get convictions expunged, we help you make sure your record reflects that – everywhere.

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More than 70 million people in the US have a criminal record – that’s roughly one-third of the adult working age population – the same number of people with a 4-year college degree.
94% of employers use criminal background checks on candidates, with 31% admitting that an arrest, even without conviction, would be at least “somewhat influential” in their hiring decision.
Over 50 Million Background Check reports are generated every year for those who apply for new jobs or promotions… Increasing every year with new methods of obtaining public records.

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A solution created from database design, privacy laws, and smart engineering.

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